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Just Got Back

80s,Music,Uncategorized 23 July 2011 | Comments Off

Well, apparently I took the death of Barbara Billingsley a lot harder than I thought I would. I would like to apologize to my non-existent readership for the inert state of this blog circa 2011. I aim to change that, and the plan is to get off my duff and share a little retro content [...]

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R.I.P. Barbara Billingsley

Movies,TV,Uncategorized 17 October 2010 | Comments Off

Sorry for the lack of postings of late, will try to get back in the groove this week.  In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment to mark the passing yesterday of one of the all-time great TV moms, Barbara Billingsley.  She was most known for her roles as June Cleaver on the classic [...]

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Threat Level Midnight: The Office Paradox

00s,TV,Uncategorized 29 September 2010 | Comments Off

Last Thursday Ms. Retronaut and I watched the season premiere of The Office, the NBC sitcom about the employees of a struggling paper company in Scranton, PA. We’ve watched it since its debut, and during the show we were trying to determine how many seasons it had been on the air. We ultimately were able [...]

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