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R.I.P. Stephen J. Cannell

70s,80s,90s,TV 1 October 2010 | Comments Off

Legendary television writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell died Thursday of melanoma at his home in California. If you watched television in the ’80s, it’s likely that you saw at least one (or five) of the shows he created. Among his 40 (!) series are such familiar names as The Rockford Files, Baretta, The Greatest American Hero, [...]

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1990: The Black Crowes on Letterman

90s,Music,TV 27 September 2010 | Comments Off

Apropos of nothing, I bring you the Black Crowes (3/5 of them actually) in their network TV debut on Late Night With David Letterman: That first record just killed me and this was one of my favorite songs.

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Dance Week! Friday Edition: The Carlton Dance

90s,TV 3 September 2010 | Comments Off

Dorky, perhaps – but do you have a dance named after you? This needs no set-up. If you’ve seen more than two episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then you’ve seen it. And enjoyed it, apparently, as this clip has more than 4.6 million views on YouTube. Enjoy the long weekend folks!

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Dance Week! Wednesday Edition: The Routine

90s,TV 1 September 2010 | Comments Off

Today’s retro dance clip comes to us via Friends, the mega-hit sitcom starring Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, and that gal that used to be married to Brad Pitt.  Did you know that it was in the Nielsen Top 10 every year it was on?  And it was in the [...]

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Dance Week! Tuesday Edition: Audrey’s Dance

90s,TV 31 August 2010 | Comments Off

After Adam West’s extreme slam-dancing yesterday, I think we should dial it back a little. Today we find ourselves in the quaint little logging town of Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks was my first exposure to David Lynch, and I was quickly hooked on its sublime weirdness.  Watching the first season again a couple of years [...]

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Celebrities Caught in the Act of Being Cool: Steven Weber

90s,TV 23 August 2010 | Comments Off

While looking for photos of the cast of Wings, I ran across the photo above and this: Christmas 1992: Steven Weber, star of the TV show “Wings”, was flying with some friends to Charleston, SC for a wedding. We brought him from Los Angeles to Charlotte, NC. He was very gracious. He came to the [...]

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15 Years On: KISS on MTV Unplugged

90s,KISS,Music 9 August 2010 | Comments Off

Bruce and Eric have some concerns about their placement in this photo. Although I didn’t get to watch it live (MTV didn’t air it until Halloween), it was 15 years ago today that the original four members of KISS – Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Peter Criss – got back together to record [...]

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It Was 20 Years Ago Today: Iraq Invades Kuwait

90s,Events 2 August 2010 | Comments Off

On August 2, 1990, Iraqi tanks rolled over the border of their former ally Kuwait.  The rest, as they say, is history: Hard to believe a generation has grown up never knowing a world where we weren’t in some form of conflict with Iraq.  Oh well, sorry to be such a buzzkill on a Monday, [...]

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99 Seinfeld References

90s,TV 16 July 2010 | Comments Off

I love this picture – click here to visit the artist’s website and get the key!  (via You Fail)

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Buffcoat and Beaver to Return to MTV?

90s,TV 15 July 2010 | Comments Off

There has been no official confirmation yet, but various sources (including the New York Post) are reporting that Mike Judge and MTV are in the process of bringing Beavis and Butthead back to our TV screens.  The show’s format is supposed to remain the same as in the previous incarnation, only with the duo commenting [...]

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