Sure I’m CFK, But You Gotta Love Me

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You magnificent bastard.

“What would you like to be?”

“Everything you hate.”

Those are lines lifted from Citizen Kane and used to great effect in the White Stripes’ “The Union Forever” (from their breakthrough album White Blood Cells.)   Kane was one of those movies that I had never gotten around to seeing for one lame reason or another, and one night I was flipping channels and ran across it on Turner Classic Movies.  This was about a year after the White Stripes’ record had come out.  I heard one of the lines that was used in “The Union Forever” and then suddenly I realized who “CFK” was.  (Duh.) I meant to tune in just for a moment just to see what the fuss was about – and ended up watching the whole thing, even though it was on late and I had to work the next morning.  I didn’t regret it.  It really is that good.  Best movie of all time?  I don’t know.  Most influential, perhaps.  It is certainly startling to see a movie of that period that looks so contemporary in terms of the direction and editing.  And Orson Welles is the just the man. (And the Brain.) I mean, he made this when he was 25 for crying out loud.  If you’ve never seen it, please do yourself a favor and go check it out.

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