KISS Songs Explained: Rock and Roll Over (1976)

70s,KISS,Music 30 September 2010 | Comments Off

When someone asks me, “What’s your favorite KISS album?” I don’t always give the same answer.  Depending on my mood, it could be one of several.  Dressed to Kill.  KISS.  Revenge. All good choices. But probably more than half the time, I’d respond with Rock and Roll Over, the latest entry in our regular feature [...]

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KISS Songs Explained: Destroyer (1976)

70s,KISS,Music 16 September 2010 | Comments Off

Destroyer is without doubt the most celebrated album in the KISS discography. In a sense it’s their Sgt. Pepper’s, to use a Beatles analogy. Hot off the success of Alive! and working with producer Bob Ezrin, the band made a concerted effort to do something bigger and more ambitious with this record. Departing from the [...]

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