Citizen Wayne

40s,Batman,Movies 4 October 2010 | Comments Off

Stuff like this is why I love the internet: Casting is spot-on – wouldn’t this have been great?  (via Daily DCU)

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It’s Dance Week! Monday Edition: Batusi

60s,Batman,TV 30 August 2010 | Comments Off

I thought we might do something a little different and go with a theme this week. I was looking at my YouTube favorites list earlier today, and noticed I had flagged a lot of dance-related clips. So put on your red shoes bitches, it’s Dance Week 2010! Getting ready to school some fools on the [...]

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Batman Vs The Fonz

Batman,Comics 18 August 2010 | Comments Off

This would be an epic showdown, no doubt about it. Fonz jumped a shark – but Batman fought a shark.  Advantage Batman. (via The Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues)

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Touched By A Batman

Comics 28 July 2010 | Comments Off

You know, I’m beginning to think Dr. Wertham was onto something. (Via Comically Vintage)

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Rest Your Frame and Mellow Out

Comics 16 July 2010 | Comments Off

I had no idea Batman was at Woodstock!  By the way, I’ve never met any hippies who actually talked like that.  They are usually too busy trying to suss out whether or not you’ve got any weed.   Someone wake up that guy in the lower right of the frame – it’s only the FREAKING [...]

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The Greatest Team-Up That Never Was

Batman,Comics,KISS 10 July 2010 | Comments Off

It’s just as well – this probably would have been too much awesome for me to handle. (via The Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues)

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