KISS Songs Explained: Destroyer (1976)

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Destroyer is without doubt the most celebrated album in the KISS discography. In a sense it’s their Sgt. Pepper’s, to use a Beatles analogy. Hot off the success of Alive! and working with producer Bob Ezrin, the band made a concerted effort to do something bigger and more ambitious with this record. Departing from the [...]

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The Beatles Play Shea Stadium

60s,Beatles,Music 15 August 2010 | Comments Off

On this day in 1965, the Beatles played Shea Stadium in New York City, before what was then a record audience of 55,000+ people. The deafening level of the crowd noise combined with how far they were from the audience (you can see it in the clip, fans were not allowed on the field) meant [...]

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Hair, There and Everywhere

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What jumps out at me is how their hair was a leading indicator of turmoil in the band.  Next time some clean-shaven friend pisses me off, I’m going to grow a beard.  That’ll teach that cocksucker to mess with me. (via Blame It On the Voices)

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